Jade Elizabeth French is a writer, researcher and curatorial programmer from Manchester.

She has written up her PhD at Queen Mary, University of London, supervised by Dr. Suzanne Hobson and Dr. Morag Shiach. Jade's research explores the female ageing process in modernist texts, with a specific focus on the late works of H.D, Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes. She is interested in applying cultural gerontological theories in a modernist context, particularly looking at embodiment, archives and the 'gaze of youth'.

As the co-founder of the interdisciplinary arts project Decorating Dissidence she is currently exploring the ways modernist and contemporary craft practices intersect. This has led to a series of exhibitions, conferences and a special issue as well as an ongoing blog.

She edited and produced the book Let’s Start A Pussy Riot (2013) with artist Emely Neu and Rough Trade Records, from which she has lectured internationally on the subject of feminism and DIY protest.

As a writer, she focuses on the intersection between art, culture, tech and social issues and has been published in Times Literary Supplement, Wired, The Guardian Guide, CityMetric, amongst others.

As a curatorial programmer, she has run many exhibitions and events – from performance art nights and groups shows to the talk series PEAKS – always with an emphasis on supporting emerging artists and creating ongoing collaborative dialogues.