I have written for a number of online and print platforms, providing opinion pieces, reviews, interviews, and reports on feminism, technology, art and age studies:

How Diverse Representations of Old Age Can Shift Our Perspective on Aging
– AIGA Eye on Design 

“In offering a wide array of images of later-life, designers can make aging something we all want to invest in...”

Surreal Shorts 
– Lucy Writers

“... with humour, surreal snippets and inventive style Calleja aims to keep you thinking...”

‘Shattered Objects:
Djuna Barnes’s Modernism

– Times Literary Supplement

      “As the subtitle of this collection of           essays plainly implies, Barnes did             modernism her way...” 

Beatrice Gibson’s Crone Music
– The Modernist Review

“Recast for the art world, the crone reflects Gibson’s attempt to find ‘an explicitly feminist lineage’...”

Selected reviews and interviews:

Selected Zines